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GRAIN CENTRAL | TMA, GPA, SPAA renew partnership around autonomous code

A partnership between three key agricultural groups has been extended to support the safe adoption of autonomous farm machinery in Australia.

The Code of Practice for Agricultural Mobile Field Machinery with Autonomous Function in Australia is intended to inform and guide use of the technology and give industry ownership of how it is adopted.

The Tractor and Machinery Association of Australia (TMA), Grain Producers Australia (GPA) and the Society of Precision Agriculture Australia (SPAA) have worked since 2021 to develop the code and the next phase of the partnership aims to increase the level of awareness and knowledge about the technology within the grains industry and wider farm sector.

GPA Research Development and Extension spokesperson and Victorian grower Andrew Weidemann said giving industry ownership of the initiative means the focus is really on benefits for industry.

“This partnership aims to take the code forward and build on this momentum even more to ensure it remains relevant to the pragmatic development and delivery of future initiatives and partnerships aimed at improving the adoption of this technology, and benefits for growers," he said.


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