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Ukraine’s ambassador to Australia, Vasyl Myroshnychenko, has endorsed the efforts of Australian grain producers to help Ukraine farmers and rural communities with their recovery from the war.

Mr Myroshnychenko met with members of Grain Producers Australia’s farmer sub-committee recently to discuss the #GRAIN4UKRAINE initiative and thank them for supporting his people.

He said rebuilding Ukraine rural communities was a strategic priority, and Australian farmers are providing invaluable assistance to help deliver short and longer-term outcomes.

Pic: Ukraine’s ambassador to Australia, Vasyl Myroshnychenko (third from left), with GPA sub-committee members , (L-R) Simon Wallwork, Brad Jones and David Fulwood.

“We sincerely thank Australia’s grain producers for this selfless initiative, getting behind our country’s efforts to recover from the devastation that’s been caused by Russia’s invasion,” he said.

“This support will help with rebuilding ports and other infrastructure connected to our agricultural communities, and basic necessities of our people such as roads, schools, homes and hospitals.

“On behalf of people in the Ukraine, I’d like to thank every grower who is donating some of their crop this harvest. I encourage others to do the same where possible, to help make a difference.”

GPA sub-committee spokesperson and WA grain producer, Brad Jones, said whilst Australian grain producers faced their own seasonal challenges this harvest, especially flooding on the east coast, he gained perspective by reflecting on the difficulties Ukraine farmers are going through.

“We recognise not everyone will be able to make a donation – but if you have a spare tonne or two, it’s going towards a very good cause, supporting people who going through a terrible war,” he said.

GPA Northern Director and Moree farmer, Matthew Madden, said despite his region being hit hard by severe flooding, he was committed to donating to #AUSSIEGRAIN4UKRAINE.

Pic: GPA Northern Director, Matthew Madden, donating barley delivered this week at Moree.

“It’s a good thing knowing our barley donation this week will help make a difference in future for others who are going through this prolonged conflict on the other side of the world,” he said.

Australian grain producers can donate grain delivered from this year’s harvest via a dedicated Grower Delivery Card that’s registered to GPA (numbered 1500 4442), in the NGR system.

WA growers delivering to CBH must follow a different process in Loadnet.

  • Select “Nomination” menu and then “Transfer” from the drop-down menu

  • Then enter the GPA account number “40564635” into the “Account number box”

  • Choose load or part load to donate and confirm – then provides printable confirmation of transfer.

Four charities have been nominated by the sub-committee to deliver this humanitarian support.

· UN Crisis Relief's Ukraine Humanitarian Fund World Vision Ukraine Appeal

· World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine program Oxfam International



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