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THE AUSTRALIAN | Grain Producers Australia urges caution as barley exporters ramp up China shipments

Some of the country’s largest barley exporters have resumed shipments to China after the removal of crushing tariffs, but they’re being urged to maintain links with new markets to avoid future possible major market disruptions.

Grain Producers Australia chairman Barry Large, a cereals grower based 200km north of Perth in the town of Miling, said it was important that Australian growers and exporters continued to service the new markets that had emerged over the past three years.

“Everyone’s excited and buoyed by the view that China are back in the market, but I think there’s some obligation to make sure we service and look after these new markets,” he said.

“The greatest thing about China is that they are a volume buyer, and it does put a bit of pressure on the markets, so hence it puts a few more returns into ­growers’ pockets. So coming off seasons that are like this – not particularly nice to any of us – the ­dollar return is well taken.

“But we need to facilitate trade to these markets – Saudi Arabia and Mexico and others that have come on board. And whilst competition dictates on price, we just need to be vigilant and hopefully we can get everybody a bit of grain from Australia. We don’t want to just walk away from these markets. We need to foster these markets, keep these markets buying grain from Australia.”


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