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COUNTRYMAN | Agriculture industry leaders form united front against Labor’s biosecurity levy at Senate inquiry

Grains, livestock and horticulture farming groups fired harsh criticism at the Federal Government's proposed biosecurity levy/tax during public hearings for the Senate inquiry into the concept last week.

Grain Producers Australia maintained its strong opposition to the proposal, with Chief Executive Officer Colin Bettles labelling the policy as "fatally flawed" and born out of "substandard consultation processes".

Countryman reported that the public hearings featured a united front from across the sector, with the grains industry set to be hit hardest, with figures released last week revealing growers nationwide would be slugged $12.25 million a year.

“Consultations on the levy have been conflated with other processes relating to levies and biosecurity, including the 2022 Senate inquiry, which did not recommend a new levy on all agricultural producers,” he said.

“Grain producers are price takers and can’t pass on these costs along the supply chain.”

Mr Bettles said he understood the money raised would go into consolidated revenue rather than a dedicated biosecurity fund, which has been a major sticking point for GPA.


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