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QUEENSLAND COUNTRY LIFE | Grain growers want high-tech AI to give consistency across sorghum grading

Concerns that inconsistency in assessment of sorghum at receival sites have the potential to negatively affect grower bottom line have industry calling for improved technology and standards.

Queensland Country Life reported that subjective human assessment was creating barriers to growers having their crops appropriately and consistently assessed across all receival sites.

Grain Producers Australia Northern Region Director and AgForce Grains President Brendan Taylor said the differences in grading based on human interpretation could make or break the economic success of a crop.

""With a human visual assessment whether its sprouts or weather damage, two assessors can screen the same sample but will assign it differently grades according to Grain Trade Australia standards," he said.

"All we are after is consistency.

"By fast-tracking this technology we can make grain grading fairer for everyone."

AgForce grains policy director Ruth Thompson said the industry "is on the cusp of new technology to be able to ensure consistency and fairness across receival sites."

"Grain Corp and other receival sites have been very welcoming and look forward to the new technology," she said.


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