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Nufarm and GPA host broadacre cropping tour

Nufarm Australia and Grain Producers Australia (GPA) recently teamed up to showcase broadacre cropping to Nufarm’s innovation partner, Farm Hannong.

The group visited Weidemann Pastoral Co at Rupanyup in Victoria's Wimmera region, where they gained first-hand insights into the farm’s operations and deeper industry knowledge, from GPA Southern Grower Director, Andrew Weidemann AM.

The aim of the trip was to show the special guests, CEO of Farm Hannong Mr Kim and Vice President of Farm Hannong Mr Choi, a large-scale professional farming operation in Australia.

Farm Hannong is Korea’s top green bio company and their partnership with Nufarm brought Terrad’or to the market.

During the visit, Farm Hannong also gained an understanding of the biggest agronomic challenges in Australia, including the poor start to the season this year, as well as receive feedback on how Terrad’or is working for growers.

The visit was very hands on and the Farm Hannong leaders had a great experience, including going for a run on Andrew’s seeding rig.

With Nufarm continuing their push into agricultural innovation, the combined trip with Farm Hannong, GPA and Weidemann Pastoral Co was a solid combination to showcase the future of broadacre cropping in Australia.

GPA’s partnership own with NuFarm continues to gain momentum and strengthen. Adding to the strong partnership backing GPA’s farmer mates' mental health program, and the Paddock to Parliament Advocacy Scholarships program that started last year.


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