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FARMING AHEAD | Grain producers reject proposed new biosecurity levy

AUSTRALIAN grain producers have vehemently rejected the Federal Government’s proposed new 10 per cent Biosecurity Protection Levy, with a new survey revealing 94 per cent of respondents believe they already contribute enough in their existing levies to co-fund biosecurity programs and responses.

Grain Producers Australia initiated a short survey to gauge grower sentiment, after the levy was revealed in last month's budget, as part of a planned ‘sustainable' biosecurity funding model.

About 140 growers responded to the GPA survey, with 84 per cent saying they didn't agree with paying the new 10 per cent levy, while only 4 per cent said they would and 13 per cent wanted more details.

The vast majority of respondents (98.6 per cent) said they should not have to pay this new levy when the biosecurity risk-creators (importers) are not yet paying a levy, while 95 per cent agreed options for current levy-spending and investments in grains-related programs should be explored first.


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