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Emergency use permit increases summer fallow options

Emergency APVMA permit to allow emergency use of a registered AgVet product for control of annual grasses in summer fallow

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) has recently approved an emergency permit application from Grain Producers Austria (GPA), on behalf of growers in northern NSW and southern Queensland to provide a fallow management option to control emerging grass weeds following recent flooding, without restricting their crop planting options.

Currently, most available grass control options are untenable, due to either resistance/tolerance (e.g. glyphosate and Windmill grass and Feathertop Rhodes grass), or have restrictive plant-back periods (e.g. 12 weeks to cereals for haloxyfop & fluazifop and 18 weeks for quizalofop)...

Further information:

Andrew Weidemann, Chairman, Grain Producers Australia, Tel: 0428 504 544

Maddison McNeil, Executive Officer, Grain Producers Australia, Tel: 0432 988 694


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