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Grain Producers Australia is celebrating this year’s #AgDayAU by highlighting some of the exciting and diverse opportunities to work in the Australian grains industry, and a great #AgVenture.

“Australians of all ages and backgrounds have great opportunity to pursue a career and work in so many exciting and innovative areas of our industry, across the entire supply chain,” GPA Chair and WA farmer Barry Large said.

“These jobs with a modern, innovative edge include farm management, plant science, grain trading, or operating heavy machinery at harvest or seeding – and there’s so much more.”

To support #AgDayAU 2021, GPA has released a short #AgVenture video highlighting the contribution to this year’s harvest made by former ADF members, working with GPA’s State Members who collectively represent grain producers such as WAFarmers, AgForce Grains and NSW Farmers.

This strategic national effort is helping to overcome workforce shortages on grain farms, caused by the second year of COVID-19.

The video features a glimpse into the journey of Andrew Condon and Fergus ‘Gus’ McLachlan, in travelling from Sydney to Lightning Ridge in NSW, to use their transferrable skills and work alongside farmers and other former ADF members, as part of Operation Grain Harvest Assist.

Their contribution is helping to inspire others, while optimising the value of this year’s harvest; one of the biggest on record forecast at about 55 million tonnes with a return of up to $20 billion.

“Our key message is that it’s not too late to join the harvest,” Andrew says in the video clip.

“The farmers are very appreciative of those who have been able to answer the call. If you are a veteran get onto the Operation Grain Harvest Assist webpage.”

GPA Chief Executive, Colin Bettles, said having a skilled and professional workforce was critical to building a more sustainable and profitable Australian grains industry.

“The Australian grains industry offers exciting and diverse career choices in so many fields where you also get to work with great people and communities,” he said.

GPA’s submission to the National Agricultural Workforce Strategy supported initiatives that help build the skills and knowledge needed for a modern and flexible farm-ready workforce, such as training programs for jobs operating heavy machinery on-farm.

GPA also supports a safe workforce which is why the GPA Training online safety program offers different safety training courses, specifically targeted at farmers and their businesses.



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