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Australian grain producers ‘cautiously optimistic’

The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre’s second batch of seasonal update videos for 2022 indicate crops have access to good soil moisture levels in most of the major grain producing regions across Australia.

Now the Bureau of Meteorology has declared a La Nina alert, meaning we could be in for a third La Nina by summer, growers in many areas are cautiously optimistic about the rest of the season.

AEGIC’s monthly videos feature grain producers from across the nation speaking about the progress of their production programs during the growing season, and come with subtitles in eight languages.

The videos are made by AEGIC in collaboration with organisations from across the Australian grains supply chain, including support from GPA, to provide insights for export customers and grain buyers.

Eastern region

Parts of southern Queensland and northern New South Wales have received excessive rain in recent weeks.

The cold and wet weather has restricted plant growth and caused delays for some crops, so these growers are now hoping for warm weather and sunshine to get things back on track.

Conditions in the north of Queensland, southern New South Wales and Victoria are much better and growers in those areas are cautiously optimistic for the rest of the season.

Soil moisture is mostly high across the eastern growing region. The rainfall outlook for the next three months shows a high chance of exceeding median rainfall.

Canola in flower on the Eyre Peninsula.

Southern region

The South Australian crop is progressing well, especially in the Eyre Peninsula.

Rainfall in July was a bit below average, and growers are now hoping for good rain to enable crops to reach their full potential.

Soil moisture in the western region is still looking very good, and moisture in the eastern areas has improved a little since the previous update.

Higher than average rainfall is forecast across most of South Australia for the next three months.

Grain crops are growing well on the Eyre Peninsula.

Western region

Western Australia’s season is looking promising, especially in the south. Unusually warm weather has resulted in rapid crop development in many areas.

Some growers in the north have been disappointed by a lack of winter rain and will need some wet weather soon.

The soil moisture map is mixed across the state. Despite this many growers are feeling confident thanks to recent rainfall.

The three-month rainfall outlook shows a 50:50 chance of above average rainfall in most areas.


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