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Australia’s barley industry responds to China’s tariff measures

Joint Statement from Grain Producers Australia, Grains Industry Market Access Forum, Australian Grain Exporters Council, GrainGrowers and Grain Trade Australia

The Australian barley industry has expressed its deep disappointment with the announcement by the People’s Republic of China to place punitive tariffs on Australian barley exports to China. This follows an anti-dumping and countervailing subsidy investigation initiated by China in November 2018.

The People’s Republic of China has imposed a dumping margin of up to 73.6% and a subsidy margin of up to 6.9% for all barley imported from Australia on all barley imported from Australia, effective from 19th May 2020, in response to its investigations.

These tariffs will disrupt and most likely halt exports by artificially increasing the price of Australian barley imported to China until the situation is resolved. It is estimated this dispute could cost Australian grain industry and notably rural and regional economies at least $A500 million per annum.


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