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Australian cricketing legend Brad Hogg will join members of the local farming and business community in Moora for a special sundowner event that’s being held later next month.

As Grain Producers Australia’s (GPA) National Mental Health Ambassador, Brad’s visit is being timed to coincide with the end of this year’s seeding program for many local farmers and community members.

Compared to other grain producing areas of Australia, the farming region around Moora in WA’s Northern Wheatbelt has experienced dry conditions during recent times; including a tough season that presented numerous challenges for many grain producers in 2023.

The Moora Chamber of Commerce is hosting the sundowner along with GPA, to give local community members an opportunity to support each other in this challenging period.

Chair, Julie Walsh, said the local community was very strong and resilient, and having Brad speak at the sundowner offers a great opportunity to take a break from work and catch up, to connect and de-stress, after a busy time.

“We’re looking forward to coming together for this event at the Moora Performing Arts Centre, to hear Brad Hogg speak about his personal and professional journey, and to share some valuable time connecting as a community together, after seeding is done,” she said.

“There is no cost for entry and some refreshments and light nibbles will also be provided.

“We appreciate GPA’s support and their partners, to help bring Brad here for this gathering which gives everyone a good excuse to get together, after the hectic seeding period.”

GPA Chair, Barry Large, is also a grain and sheep producer in the local Moora community with his farm, Moorlands, located at nearby Miling.

Many growers are facing a dry start again this season, after experiencing a tough year in 2023, where lack of rain had a major impact on grain production, he said.

“We know many farmers often respond to challenges by working harder, but this is not a sustainable approach when it comes to your mental health and this stress needs to be managed proactively by taking time away from work as well,” he said.

“That’s why we’re putting on this event in Moora, so everyone can take a break from the farm, or the machinery shed, and come together for a sandwich and a chat.

“GPA is proud to be supporting our work with Brad Hogg and I’m especially looking forward to him joining members of the local farming and business community in Moora.

“Hoggy’s more likely been at home performing at the local cricket ground over the years, but we’ll see how he goes now, putting on a show at the Moora Performing Arts Centre.”

Supported by NuFarm, Rural Aid, GrainGrowers and Lifeline, GPA’s Farming Mates Mental Health initiative was established in 2022.

Brad’s role as GPA’s Health Ambassador allows him to visit regional communities throughout Australia, to share important messages which help to raise greater awareness about the importance of mental health, and to reduce stigmas.

Last year, about 20 different community events were held across the nation, shared with GPA’s State Members, and other event partners. These local events are also supported professionally by members of Rural Aid’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Team.

Event details:

What: An evening with Brad Hogg.

Where: Moora Performing Arts Centre, Padbury Street, Moora.

When: Thursday 30 May, from 5-8pm.

RSVP: 0428 511 268

More information available via

Mental Health Resources: HERE



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