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GRAIN CENTRAL | GPA, GrainGrowers critical of proposed biosecurity levy

Grain Producers Australia Chief Executive Officer Colin Bettles presented a strong opposition to the Federal Government's proposed Biosecurity Protection Levy in front of a senate inquiry this week.

Grain Central reported on the views presented at the hearing, which involved a session where GPA and Grain Growers were united in opposition to the current proposal.

Mr Bettles told the inquiry that GPA was not willing to accept amendments to the current proposal, as "the policy itself is fundamentally flawed".

“[W]e haven’t been asked for our views on this, so the policy design is very flawed, and I don’t see how any amendments can make it fair or equitable,” Mr Bettles said.

Mr Bettles said GPA understood the funds were “still going into consolidated revenue” and could not be counted on to create positive change for growers.


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