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Grain Producers Australia has applied for an extension of the permit to produce ZP50 mouse bait (permit PER90799) with our application received by the APVMA on 9 November 2023.

GPA is continuing to work through the correct processes with the APVMA and mouse bait manufacturers listed on the permit, to support this application and respond to various requests.

The aim is to have this permit extended again to meet current demand. HERE

Growers have indicated to GPA they’re continuing to experience mouse activity on-farm and support the continued use of ZP50 through this permit to provide another, more effective option to help protect their crops from mouse damage.

GPA plays an important role assisting the coordination, management and delivery of industry minor use permits.

These permits are issued by the APVMA and give growers timely and strategic access to the tools they need to manage damaging pests, weeds and diseases, to help ensure their farming businesses remain profitable and sustainable.

The APVMA has also issued the following statement regarding the GPA application to extend permit PER90799, to clarify questions regarding product use, making it clear the current permit expired on 31 December 2023.

“Permit number PER90799 to allow supply and emergency use of an unregistered agvet chemical product for control of mice in certain crops and pasture expired on 31 December 2023. There are currently no permits to authorise the supply and use of any 50 g/kg ZINC PHOSPHIDE product in any State or Territory of Australia. A person (supplier) must not supply a 50 g/kg Zinc Phosphide product and persons with any remaining product in their possession must not use the product without a current permit being in place.

“The Holder of the permit, Grain Producers Australia Limited, has applied for renewal of this permit under a minor use application. The APVMA is undertaking evaluation of submitted studies and is working with the applicant and data providers to progress this application.

“While the permit renewal application is still being evaluated no additional product must enter the distribution channel. No product recalls have been issued at this time. Grain Producers Australia Limited will advise producers if a permit is issued to allow a supplier to possess the product for the purposes of supply and to supply the product to a person who can use the product.

“All current minor and emergency use permits can be found on the APVMA website at



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