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Grain Producers Australia congratulates former GPA Board Director, Terry Enright, on being awarded the Grains Research and Development Corporation’s Seed of Gold award.

Mr Enright was recognised for his outstanding contribution to the Australian grains industry and broader agricultural development, during the GRDC Crop Updates event in Perth this week.

In presenting the exclusive award, GRDC Chair, John Woods, recognised Mr Enright had dedicated more than 40 years to the direction and management of agricultural research, including as Chair of GRDC, LiveCorp, Grains Australia (current) and the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre.

A former grain producer from Mount Barker in WA’s southern wheatbelt, he’s also held senior positions with Wheat Quality Australia and the Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council, as well as board roles with the Crawford Fund and GPA.

GPA Chair, Barry Large, said Terry Enright has always understood and represented the views of grain producers, whilst recognising the need to balance priorities and work strategically in partnerships with government and other stakeholders, to achieve good outcomes.

“Terry was one of the champions who helped establish GPA during our formative years ensuring a strong commercial focus in our work for growers, which continues today,” he said.

“The knowledge and expertise he provided in those early years continues delivering benefits for GPA’s grass roots representation and our strategic approach to policy development and advocacy leadership.

“Terry’s experience as a grower, added to his intimate knowledge of how government works, and knowing the importance of good collaboration and engagement to build relationships, also made him a great personal mentor for many people in GPA, to help serve our responsibilities for growers.

“GPA congratulates Terry on this deserving recognition of his outstanding service to the grains industry, and especially his work to drive benefits for grain producers and our communities.”



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