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FARMING AHEAD | What's a holiday? It seems some growers don't know

A CONCERNING number of grain growers aren’t taking a break away from the farm, according to a recent Grain Producers Australia (GPA) poll, which revealed only 60 per cent of respondents have had a holiday within the last two years.

GPA's poll on X (formerly Twitter) asked growers to share how long it has been since they last went on a real holiday, away from the farm, revealing only 60.2 per cent of the 354 respondents have had a break within the last two years.

The poll showed 15.5 per cent of grain growers have not had a holiday for three to five years, a further 5.6 per cent have not taken a break for six to 10 years and 18.6 per cent seemingly didn't know what a holiday was at all. 

While GPA acknowledges some of those who selected the "What's a holiday" option on the poll would have been joking, GPA chief executive, Colin Bettles, said some of the numbers are concerning and reminded growers regular short breaks are just as important as the longer ones.


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