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FARM ONLINE | Grain growers lash out at precedent the sheep live-ex ban sets

Grain producers have stepped into the fight against the Albanese Government's plans to shut down the live sheep trade in a big way, flagging threats to wider agriculture in the form of misconstrued social license and Australia's reputation as an exporter.

The viability of mixed farms in the west was at serious risk from the policy, and that would have flow-on effects to agribusiness and rural communities, growers have warned.

In its submission to the consultation panel for the phase-out of live sheep exports by sea, Grain Producers Australia said the anti-farming agenda would be emboldened by this ban, applying its significant funding, resources and subversive strategies to target cattle and grains.

Chief executive Colin Bettles said there were fears the ban would set a dangerous precedent which would encourage other extreme activist groups targeting the cropping sector, such as those ideologically opposed to the use of fertilisers, pesticides and biotechnology, despite heavy regulation and objective scientific evidence of their safety.


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