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FARM ONLINE | 'Extremely unlikely' growers will have access to double strength bait at sowing

The holders of an emergency Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) permit to produce double strength zinc phosphide mouse bait have conceded it will be 'extremely unlikely' a new APVMA permit will be issued in time for the critical autumn sowing baiting period.

The Grain Producers Australia emergency permit with the APVMA for 50 grams a kilogram of zinc phosphide bait, compared to the permanently registered 25g/kg product, expired on December 31.

The organisation applied to have the permit extended on November 9 but the APVMA is continuing to review the application and has given no idea of the timing when it will decide whether or not to issue another permit.

GPA spokesperson Andrew Weidemann said given farmers would likely be starting sowing in earnest in just over a month in some areas it appeared as if they would need to control mice using bait with the old formulation.


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