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FARM ONLINE | Ag lobby primes Senate as last stand to stop biosecurity protection levy

More than a dozen advocacy groups have been "lobbying the crossbench hard" in recent weeks to prime the Senate as the final battleground to block the government's controversial Biosecurity Protection Levy legislation.

The bodies are hoping for the Bill to be referred to a Senate Committee to both prolong the debate and open a forum for a robust and public interrogation of the issues, including its impact on producers.

Grain Producers Australia chief executive Colin Bettles said he has approached senators and MPs to get across the finer details as to why so many farmers were strongly opposed to the Bill.

'We need elected representatives to take time to listen and understand our concerns about the real consequences of this fundamentally flawed proposal," he said.

"And how this Bill will negatively impact all producers at a time when we're already under immense pressure to produce food more cheaply for families, in the middle of a cost of living crisis."


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