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Nufarm Australia’s leadership team recently visited Weidemann Pastoral Co at Rupanyup in Victoria's Wimmera region, where they gained first-hand insights into the farm’s operations and deeper industry knowledge, from GPA Southern Grower Director, Andrew Weidemann AM.

The leadership group included Nufarm Commercial General Manager, Peter O’Keeffe, who said the tour provided a fantastic learning experience.

“Three times per year, the Nufarm Australian leadership team hold a meeting in regional Australia to focus on our team, their engagement and our progress with strategic initiatives,” he said.

“When we hold these meetings, we devote agenda time to meeting with a key grower in the area, with the aim being to better understand our customers.

“This time around we hit the jackpot with Andrew. Hearing about Weidemann Farming would have been valuable in itself, but he was also able to add other insights such as the journey to get GM cropping established in Australia, and how you go about exporting a ship of wheat to Oman.”

Mr O’Keeffe said the Nufarm leadership team includes all of the company’s functional leads such as manufacturing, finance, human resources, marketing, procurement etc. In addition, one of Nufarm’s local field representatives just happens to live 15 mins down the road from Mr Weidemann’s farm, and is now planning to play in the Rupanyup netball team.

Andrew’s presentation to Nufarm’s leadership team described the various farming challenges and conditions he faces and the importance of diversity, in supporting productivity growth and sustainability benefits.

“Anyone can farm in good times – it’s how you mange the poor seasons that strengthens the business,” he said.

The farm’s diversity program includes managing soil conditions using rotation crops and sheep, as well as the appropriate use of inputs such as pesticides to optimise crop yields and enhance sustainability. Andrew also highlighted the benefits of his farm quality assurance program and various marketing and supply chain issues.

“It was fantastic to host Peter and the Nufarm leadership team at Weidemann Pastoral Co and to meet a terrific group of people,” Andrew said.

“GPA greatly appreciates Nufarm’s support and the fact our partnership is helping strengthen GPA’s work which in turns helps deliver more benefits for all growers, and across our industry.”

GPA’s partnership with NuFarm continues to gain momentum and strengthen. Adding to the strong partnership backing GPA’s farmer mates' mental health program,

Nufarm and GPA are also delivering an exciting new program launched recently, to develop future grains industry leaders. Three scholarships will provide opportunities to learn directly from experienced advocates with mentoring by grains industry leaders and professionals. HERE

Three successful recipients of the inaugural scholarships and $10,000 bursary are:

  • Mr Campbell Dalton

  • Dr Jessica Hyles

  • Mr Luke Milgate

Weidemann Farm Profile

Farm is predominantly Self mulching grey Clay.

Annual Rainfall 450mm. GSR 270- 300mm. 3500Ha

Wheat, Barley, Canola 60pc. Pulses Chic Peas, Lentils, Broad Beans, Vetch hay, Cereal Hay , Fallow 10pc.

Livestock White Suffolk Stud. Commercial Ewes Prime lamb.


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