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GRAIN CENTRAL | Chickpeas hit $1000/t on welcome news from India

News of India removing tariffs from Australia's chickpeas has reflected positively among growers and the market has responded with prices jumping in the few days since the announcement.

The 66-cent tariff has been in place since 2018 and its removal has growers in Australia confident about the season ahead.

Grain Central highlighted that grain brokers had seen the Australian market anticipate the tariff removal and prices firm up over the past few months by more than $250 per tonne for current crop and new crop prices increase by $200/tonne, to now sit at about $1000/t.

Grain Producers Australia southern director Mark Schilling said producers could have confidence in their crop and market access following the tariff removal.

"“Growers can concentrate on what they do best and continue producing sustainable food for export to important markets, where consumers can also benefit from these high-quality grains.”

He said the timing of the announcement was useful to growers starting seeding, allowing them the choice to expand or adjust their programs and take advantage of the agronomic benefits of chickpeas in their rotation.

“Chickpeas, as a legume and protein supplier, have benefits to growers’ bottom line, as the plant can produce natural nitrogen in the soil to support subsequent seasons and reduce reliance on fertiliser inputs.”


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