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Mr Mark Schilling

Southern Region Director


Mark Schilling has extensive experience in agriculture having managed the family property since 1995 at age 28; always showing a keen interest in finding ways to improve profits for his own family and others. A fifth-generation farmer, Mark grew up on the farm at Cunliffe on northern Yorke Peninsula, a property owned by his grandfather since 1925.  


Under Mark’s management the AG Schilling & Co partnership has increased land ownership and production acreage, started a machinery import company, a seed cleaning and export business and a mouse bait manufacturing and retail company. And in partnership with Dirt(y) Foods Inc.


He is one of GPA’s most experienced Board members, with several industry and community roles and highlights to his credit including:

  • Founding member of YP Buyers Group 1994 - 2000

  • Founding Director of Direct Fertilisers/Direct Fertilisers International 1998 – 2003

  • Director Balco Australia 2011 – 2014

  • Founding Director Grain Producers SA 2011-2016  (RDE Committee since 2019)

  • Founding Director of Northern Yorke Processing 2001 – 2010

  • Founding Director of AG Culture Pty Ltd  2019

  • Founding  Director of Their Last Supper Pty Ltd  2020

  • Founding Director  of Grains Innovations Australia 2003

  • Founding Director of Yorke Premium Pty Ltd 2019

Farming Location: Cunliffe, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.

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