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2022 Election Policy Priorities

Every Federal Election is vitally important for shaping the nation’s future. It also presents great opportunities to help deliver better outcomes, including for Australian grain producers, our communities and industry. 


In representing the interests of our grain producing members on national policy, to ensure our views are heard and understood by all sides of parliament, GPA has released a list of Policy Priorities for the 2022 Federal Election. 


This document was developed by GPA’s State Members working with leaders and professional staff who also make-up the GPA Policy Council, in representing the grass-roots voice of growers throughout Australia’s major grain producing regions. 


The initiatives put forward in these priorities also reflects ongoing work and views expressed by GPA and our State Members, in advocating for a more profitable and sustainable industry. 


12 key headings in GPA’s 2022 Federal Election Policy Priorities  

  • Increase Supply of Skilled Workers on Grain Farms  

  • Better Digital Connectivity to Boost Farm Productivity  

  • ACCC to Conduct Study of Australian Grain Markets to Optimise Competition  

  • Increase Government Investment in Local Manufacturing Initiatives  

  • Grow Export Trade and Market Access for Australian Grains  

  • High Level Strategic Analysis/Investment to Reduce Grain Freight Costs  

  • Increased Focus on Preventative Biosecurity Measures to Protect Australian Grains  

  • Improved Access and Application for Agricultural Pesticides and Technology  

  • Remove Restrictive Grains Industry Red Tape and Costs  

  • Improved Independent Oversight of Grain Levies  

  • Strategic Taxation Reforms to Optimise Farm Resilience and Production  

  • Sharpen Grain Farm and Community Focus of Sustainability and Resilience Programs 

See the Election Candidates Forum for seat of Barker, hosted by GPSA and GPA First Half  Second Half 

GPA Chair Barry Large said delivering greater returns and resilience for Australian grain producers and rural communities, is at the centre of GPA’s election advocacy platform and initiatives. 


“We may be coming off a record Australian grains harvest of 62 million tonnes last year, estimated at about $26 billion, but we can’t afford to be complacent. We need to focus on how and where to invest these returns now, to build future growth and resilience for growers,” he said. 



GPA wrote to each of the major political parties and selected minor parties and independents, seeking their response to key questions on these policy priorities. Their responses are posted here below, to encourage ongoing debate and accountability. We thank all parties and contributors for taking the time and effort to respond and provide their plans and visions for not only the Australian grains industry, but for agriculture and rural communities.


ALP and NFF Response

One Nation

Australian Democrats

GPA welcomes the opportunity to engage with all government and industry stakeholders on these election priorities, to help deliver a more profitable and sustainable industry. 

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