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SHEPPARTON NEWS | New grower levy to fund strengthened biosecurity

New measures to achieve a sustainable model of biosecurity funding were announced in the Federal Budget on Tuesday, May 9.

Treasurer Jim Chalmers said the government would provide an extra $1 billion to meet its election commitment of strengthening Australia’s biosecurity system.

$845 million of that funding will be provided during the next four years to maintain biosecurity policy and operation, with a further $255.3 million per year promised as ongoing.

Grain Producers Australia chief executive officer Colin Bettles said an additional 10 per cent would make Australia’s grain industry the largest contributor to biosecurity policy.

“From the $28 billion harvest of last year, that extra 10 per cent on top of the 1.02 per cent would mean grain growers would be contributing $31.4 million to biosecurity,” Mr Bettles said.

“We think that is disproportionate.”

Mr Bettles said there needed to be shared accountability in strengthening biosecurity, with focus given to external threats entering the country.


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