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Nominations are now open to fill a new vacancy on the Board of Australia’s peak national grain grower advocacy group.

Grain Producers Australia (GPA) Chair, Barry Large, said GPA Southern Region Director and South Australian farmer Steve Ball had been a strong advocate, representing and serving growers, over the past six years.

Mr Large said Mr Ball’s resignation due to recent changes with the expansion of family farm business now presented an opportunity for another grower to step-up and be a leading voice for growers.

“GPA provides a great opportunity, like Steve Ball has done, to represent growers’ interests on national issues and contribute your time and energy to making our industry better,” Mr Large said.

Mr Large said GPA develops and advocates policy which fosters a strong, innovative, profitable, globally competitive and environmentally sustainable grains industry in Australia.

“We do this on behalf of more than 22,000 grain producers nationwide, whether they’re GPA members or not, to deliver good outcomes,” he said.

“GPA also has important legislative responsibilities representing all levy-paying growers to the Grains Research and Development Corporation with oversight of strategic investments in RD&E valued at about $200 million per year.

“We also represent and protect growers’ interests on biosecurity, through Plant Health Australia.

“Another strength of GPA is the make-up of our Policy Council where State Grains Councils and their leaders represent grass roots networks of growers, to champion their voices on the real issues they want solved and advocated.

“If you want to play a leading role influencing outcomes that improve grower profitability and an industry valued at an estimated $15 billion this year, and pivotal to the financial and social wellbeing of many regional communities throughout Australia, GPA wants you.”

Nominations for the vacant GPA Southern Region Director are open to GPA Members in Victoria and SA and can be submitted to by Wednesday 10 November 2021.

Nominations will be assessed by the GPA Selection Committee for this appointment to fill a casual vacancy that will then need to be ratified at next year’s AGM.


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