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Biosecurity Plan for the Grains Industry

A shared responsibility between government and industry

GPA takes biosecurity seriously, as part of our long-standing representative responsibilities and advocacy for Australian grain producers and our $13 billion industry.

To protect and strengthen our industry, GPA has engaged with Plant Health Australia to consult with other industry groups and governments to develop a plan for our industry to prevent, prepare for and respond to biosecurity risks and emergencies. The Biosecurity Plan for the Australian Grains Industry 2023-2028 identifies plant pests and the potential threat to the grains industry, activities to reduce biosecurity risk for investment and processes for incursion responses.

A key component of this plan is to build on past efforts to identify current and potential plant pests with a practical implementation guide for investment to support surveillance, education and mitigation activities. Governments, industry, researchers and the public were beneficiaries of a strong and prepared biosecurity system.

The Biosecurity Plan for the Australian Grains Industry is an initiative of GPA that has been facilitated by PHA with the following partners:

Emergency and Minor Use Permits currently held by GPA

Permit PER 93198 - BASF Vivando Fungicide (metrafenone)

Product for control of powdery mildew in wheat 

13 March 2023 to 31 July 2024

This GPA permit is for managing shifts in fungicide sensitivity and resistance to both Group 3 and Group 11 fungicides which has been detected in wheat powdery mildew across SE, SW, NE and NW NSW, Vic and SA. Metrafenone, a Group U8 fungicide, offers an alternative effective mode of action.

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